Increase your impact and ROI with our next generation of digital advertising!

United Holdings Group can help you exceed all your branding and performance goals.

By creating a more personal internet for our users, we’re growing and engaging audiences even further. Our display and mobile advertising solutions combine those vast, engaged audiences with deep consumer insights, industry-leading targeting tools and other innovations to help you drive better results, and turn those audiences into customers.

We deliver custom solutions to build your brand and drive the response you want.

Video Content Advertising & Banner Display

Engage audiences on a deeper level with original video content sponsorships, in-player and in-banner video ad formats served in premium, highly engaging video content. We offer tremendous reach in key audience demographics through and Bingipedia!* Our sites provide a deeply engaging experience for audiences and a powerful context for your ad message.



Mobile is the new medium to reach your audience wherever they go.


While other sources of media-print, TV, even online – are only with consumers for part of their day, mobile is with them all day, every day. It’s an excellent opportunity to extend your brand message, and reach consumers wherever they go.

We strive to make it easy and efficient for advertisers to simply add mobile to their digital marketing plans. Our mobile solutions are built of the same tried, tested and trusted platforms that drive our online display and search advertising solutions. To online advertisers our mobile ad products are familiar, reliable and effective.

You’ll be surprised how uncomplicated mobile advertising is and how much you understand of this medium already. After all, it’s just the internet on a smaller screen. We provide a dedicated team of mobile advertising specialists to help explain and educate mobile advertising to our clients in partnership with our global sales force.

Mobile Display Advertising

we offer a rich, comprehensive set of mobile ad products designed to help advertisers tap into the rapidly growing, lucrative audience of mobile consumers.

Eye-catching display ads can be targeted using the same wide array of options as traditional web banners. You can also integrate features specific to mobile location and carrier targeting.

Mobile Ad Tools

Select the mobile call-to-action that works best for your business: click to a promotional site, enable user to find or call a store, offer a coupon, send an SMS message and more. If you don’t have a promotional site to link to, United Holdings Group can create one to your specifications.

Mobile Rich Media

Expand your display advertising into a full screen, interactive experience or choose a 5-10 second post-roll ad that appears when users log out. Choose from click activities like Email, SMS, and WAP site – all right from the Rich Media ad.

United Holdings Group is your starting point for:

  • Reaching an audience of over 7 billion online users
  • Insights and targeting capabilities to connect with the audience that matters most to you.
  • Integrated media solutions designed to build your brand and results

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