About UHG

office-buldingUnited Holdings Group is a Professional Mobile Software Development and App Marketing Company. Our primary headquarters is located in New York City at 228 Park Ave South 38485 New York, NY 10003 USA. We are laser focused on native Mobile and Tablet Application Development, Mobile Marketing, Interactive Web & TV Development, eBook Publishing, Dynamic Social Advertising, and custom enterprise solutions.

Our team is a family consisting of chief technologists, graphic artists, layout designers, project and sales managers, various development specialists in iOS SDK, Android,C++, Swift, Java, Linux, Ruby, Python, Brew, Flash, .Net, PHP, SEO, System Admin and all Mobile and TV Widget Platforms. We also have over 1000 direct contacts of talented and trained technology and business professionals to ensure your work and our business runs smooth and efficient. Our core Management team of industry professionals consists of MBAs, Engineers, Lawyers, Economists and Systems Operations Specialists representing diverse business backgrounds.

We hold several patents pending in the areas of Converged Mobile devices, Mobile Video 2.0, SMS, MMS, IMS and GPS Mobile content distribution intelligence. These patents are exciting next generation Mobile content technologies leveraging the largest social network, the Mobile phone subscriber base. We provide our clients with Mobile expertise developing specific objectives and continually devising new methodologies to bring innovation to the market including iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile, and Linux based Mobile and Tablet Applications.

officeLaunching Mobile App Fund and Submit Your App Idea for iOS and Android, United Holdings Group is at the forefront of every aspect of the Mobile and Tablet Application and Dynamic Social Advertising industries. Leading globally in the creation, distribution, licensing, and marketing of all forms of creative content and their related businesses across all current and emerging media platforms.


United Holdings Group is driven by Vice President, Danny Salomon. An American entrepreneur. Armed with high energy, entrepreneurial drive, marketing sense and style, Danny has grown mere ideas to large successful realities today and has extensive experience working with companies around the globe. Danny has a background in computer science and a passion for technology, film, traveling, and music.